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Project Solutions

Due to the high risk and sensitivity of the project cargoes, our dedicated and experienced team is calculating all potential risks with creative, flexible, and innovative methods.

Our team is well experienced in rolling equipment. Besides good relations with Ro-Ro carriers and offering Ro-Ro services all over the world we are providing regular Ro-Ro connections from Turkey to West African countries via North European ports with the combination of two different carriers under through BLs.

Our well-experienced operational team is attending all critical steps on transportation and issues a brief report at the end of transportation.

In case of any lack of service or difficulty to find a suitable vessel, our well-experienced team is looking for a possibility to make a connection through other ports. If we need to give an example, for one case we carried a water treatment plant from Turkey to Grand Cayman via Antwerp due to a lack of regular connection for a single OOG unit.

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